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my mom: it's 11 go to sleep
me: actually its 10:58



never forget

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to this day i think the best response to street harassment is when i saw this two dickheads from my block riding around yelling at girls and they screamed “SHOW US YOUR TITS” to this one woman who was running and she just took off her sunglasses and stared them down and you could hear “OH FUCK THAT’S MY MOM HIT THE GAS” and i’m pretty sure that boy is still grounded

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my mom says “no” by my heart says “tachibana makoto”

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im so fucked up over the fact that some countries have free college

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the good thing about fall out boy is you can play them in the car with your parents and they dont know patrick is cussing or singing about sex because all they hear is werekjwwknzewdown;lngl;uanwncockitglwjrnplg pull it

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