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marco’s butt tho

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What power do you have to stop this winter? To stop me?”

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…if a girl from District Twelve of all places can defy the Capitol and walk away unharmed, what is to stop them from doing the same?

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The Walking Dead cast: Steven Yeun

"Whatever I lack in size and strength and speed, I kind of make up for in being grittier. When it comes to something like basketball I’m definitely not the best guy on the court, but I love elbowing and pushing people out or boxing them out."

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I can’t believe my mom is talking to Santa

panic at the party

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man I love this. Because people, including myself, tend to forget that just because they are a warrior culture doesn’t mean they’re not brilliant. Just because they call it a soul forge doesn’t mean it’s not a quantum field generator. They play with science and call it magic. A rose by any other name would still be able to understand quantum mechanics with an ease that would put Stephen Hawking to shame

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I only have 4 moods:

  • fuck this
  • fuck that
  • fuck me
  • fuck you

I empathize with the above, but I have an additional 4 moods to add:

  • fuck yeah
  • fuck no
  • fuck my life
  • fuck everything

and don’t forget the inevitable 

  • fuck it

and for those who have just given up

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Yet another great twitter convo

It gets better


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